• 2 Jun 2020

      World Bicycle Day: Riding past the pandemic

      Posted at 7:21 pm , on June 2, 2020

      World Bicycle Day: Riding past the pandemic

      Why do you ride a cycle? To keep fit, reduce stress, to save the world? Whatever you just answered, it calls for a celebration.

      In April 2018, the United Nations declared June 3rd as the International World Bicycle Day. The idea is to celebrate cycles and everything they’ve got to offer.

      We’ve come so far as hyper loops and super trains and yet, the charm of the good old bike still remains! Sure, it’s a simple machine with 2 wheels and a handlebar… Or is it?

      You’ve ridden a cycle couple of times in your life, if not more? So, here’s a quick challenge—

      Draw a bicycle from memory.

      Resist that urge to scroll up or Google one!

      Chances are, you drew something like this…

      Or this…

      And if you’re a total champ, then something like this…

      This was an actual experiment done by an Italian designer Gianluca Gimini. He soon found that most people had a hard time drawing one from memory.

      Clearly, there’s more to cycles than meets the eye.

      Here are a few cycle facts that could change our world for the better—

      Grueling with pollution

      Cycles reduce pollution. That’s common knowledge, but by how much really? In 2017, air pollution claimed close to 5,000,000 lives globally, against 368,944 so far with Covid-19. Truly alarming, and poses the question of whether we’d ever remove the masks. While vehicular emission is only one cause among many, that deteriorates the air quality, every step towards reducing this pollution counts. So, every time you choose your cycle over other modes, know that you’re saving a few lives!

       Money matters.

      Pun intended. The initial cost and maintenance of owning a cycle is obviously a fraction of what you’d spend on cars. Add to that, the savings on your parking charges, fuel, cost of time stuck in traffic, etc. and you’ll start getting the picture.


      Cycling offers a host of health benefits! A lot of us take up this sport, for this very reason.

      How about looking younger? Better sleep and improved blood circulation lead to healthier skin and overall wellbeing.

      From improved cholesterol levels, regulating blood sugar, cardiovascular health to losing body fat, cycling offers it all.

       Peace of mind

      Yes, please!

      Stress is probably the most overused word in our societies. Right from a 10-year old feeling the peer pressure to a 60-year old trying to catch up with life, stress spares no one.

      Cycles are great for your mental health. A ride across the countryside and a little bit of nature are all you need to get yourself back on your feet and face another day!

      Bicycles in the time of the pandemic

      The UN ideal aims to promote social inclusion among others on World Bicycle Day. So, how can you spread the joy of cycling?

      • A word of encouragement to the many cyclists around you
      • Sharing this article so we’d all work towards a greener tomorrow
      • Gifting a cycle to the needy. It’s in these times of isolation that a simple gesture brings us all together towards a common cause.

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      If a mere virus can change the way we talk, the way we shop, the way we live; surely, this humble 2-wheeled machine can help us reclaim our health, our outlook and much more in this world of uncertainties.

      What does World Bicycle Day mean to you? Tell us all about it in the comments below.


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