• 23 Nov 2019

      Which is the Best Single Speed Bike in India?

      Posted at 8:39 am , on November 23, 2019

      Which is the Best Single Speed Bike in India?

      If you are planning to buy a bicycle, there are plenty of options, you can choose from. One of the important decisions you must make while picking the right bicycle for your needs and requirements is whether you want to buy bikes with single speed or a bike with multiple gears. 

      If you have decided to choose the former, you need to pick the right single-speed bike from the numerous options on offer.  This task is difficult, and you need to be aware of the various features that such bikes offer to choose a bicycle that is perfectly in sync with your demands.

      Typically, if you are thinking of buying a gearless bicycle, you might be buying a bike for your child or for someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience in riding bicycles. You can buy online bicycles for kids, men or women, but you need to be able to choose one that is safe, durable and makes for a fun riding experience.

      Here are some things to keep in mind while you choose a bike with single speed:

      The Right Height

      Who are you buying the bike for and what is the height of the person? If you are buying a bike for your kid, then be especially careful about the height of the bike and whether it is suited to your child’s height. This is important because a bicycle that is either too short or too tall for your child can become unstable while riding and can also become difficult to control. This can make the bike unsafe for your child.


      Single-speed bikes are low on maintenance because they are not equipped with high-maintenance parts like shifter, derailleurs, cables etc., but you still need to take a good hard look at the bike you are thinking of buying, from the maintenance perspective – Does it have any specific features that demand maintenance? 


      These bicycles aren’t available with any bells or whistles, but this doesn’t mean they don’t look good. It just depends on the bicycle you choose; ideally go for an option that is available in multiple colors and there is plenty of color coordination happening on the bike. After all, you want your bike to look good, don’t you?

      Other features you need to look for are good brakes, a bike that has the right weight (it should be easily manageable for you), and of course, it should be priced right. It should be able to offer all the features you need, within your budget.

      We want to make the whole process of choosing the right single speed bike simpler for you. To do this, we are listing out a few bikes with single speed that we think are some of the best single speed bikes in India.

      So here goes:

      GRANITE 27.5″ MENS

      If you are looking for a great-looking bestseller bike, then Frog’s Granite Series is the way to go. The bike stands out because of its reformed graphics and top-notch specifications.  But that’s not all there is to this bike; it comes equipped with 27.5 x 2.125” durable tires on an 18” hardtail steel frame, and its double wall alloy rims ensure a smooth riding experience and enhanced durability. For riding comfort, it offers a premium padded seat with alloy QR so that you don’t feel tired even after long ride, couple this with Krayton grips and you have all the features you need for an extra-special riding experience. 


      As the name suggests, this one again comes from Frog’s best-selling Granite Series of bikes and this bike is special because it has features configured for women. With its 14.5” hardtail steel frame with 26 x 2.125” tires, it looks stylish, sophisticated and tough. Add double wall alloy rims, an extremely high-quality padded seat with QR and Krayton grips to the mix and you have a bicycle that is built to offer a stable, smooth and comfortable ride.

      GRANITE 26″ MEN

      Think great bikes and you immediately think of Frog cycles; and if you look at Frog’s diverse yet powerful portfolio of bicycles and want to pick a single speed shifting bike, then bikes from its Granite Series are the perfect pick. This one comes with a 16” hardtail steel frame fitted with 26 x 2.125” durable tires and double wall alloy rims to pack a punch and at the same time deliver a smoother ride and improved durability. If you are planning long rides on this bike, don’t worry, the premium padded seat with alloy QR and Krayton grips will provide the much-needed extra comfort on such rides. 


      Available in an amazing range of colors, this bicycle from Frog’s Granite Series is a must-have bike for women. Frog’s legendary engineering skills are on display here, illustrated by its 12.5” hardtail steel frame with 24 x 12.5” durable tires and its double wall alloy rims that guarantee a seamless riding experience and offer greater durability. But what about riding comfort, you might ask? This bicycle has got that covered with its premium padded seat with alloy QR and Kryaton grips for enhanced riding comfort even on long rides.

      GRANITE 24″ MEN

      Yes, this belongs to Frog’s Granite Series as well, and before you ask, “aren’t there any other bicycles out there that are as good?”, allow us to answer. There might be bicycles brands out there with single speed bike options that are as good, if not better than Frog cycles but our job is to list out what we think are the best options, and we believe the Granite single speed shifting range from Frog is really very good.

      This bicycle is equipped with a 13.5” hardtail steel frame, 24×2.125” tires, double wall alloy rims, premium padded seat, Krayton grips and color coordinated wires. Like all bikes from the Granite Series, this one is also a great pick.

      Whether you are choosing Frog cycles or decided to buy bicycles from some other brand, the key here is to take a demo before you buy. This will ensure you are able to pick the best bicycle for your needs.

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