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      The Essential Question – Buy a Single Speed Bike or a Bike with Gear

      Posted at 8:28 am , on November 23, 2019

      The Essential Question – Buy a Single Speed Bike or a Bike with Gear

      If you want to buy a bicycle, you will need to keep your requirements in mind before you make the right choice. You will also need to pick from the various types of bikes available on the market such as mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, roadsters, folding bikes and more. 

      This is not the end of it, you will also need to choose whether you want to go with a single speed bike or buy online bicycles with gear. In this particular case, your choice will determine the nature of your bicycling experience. 

      This article explains the difference between without-gear bikes and a bike with gear and lists some of the top bikes in both categories to simplify your buying decision.

      So, let’s get started:

      Single Speed Bike: Simple Straightforward Cycling Experience

      A single speed or gearless bicycle is equipped with a single gear ratio. It is your pedalling effort that determines your bike speed, meaning the harder you pedal, the faster your bike will go; the slower your pedal, the slower your bike. As can be imagined, such bikes are a good option if you want to cycle for shorter distance, on largely flat and smooth terrains. 

      When you look through the single speed bicycle choices on offer, you will be presented with two options:

      • Freewheel Cycles: These are regular commonly used by bikers, and sport a back wheel, which is not fixed to the pedal; this means you don’t have to pedal if you are going downhill, and you can cruise (limited pedalling required) once you reach a certain speed.
      • Fixed Wheel Cycles: As the name suggests, the back wheel is fixed to the pedals in these cycles and cyclists can control bike speed with pedals; typically used in indoor track racing events, these bikes are not used in high-traffic or crowded areas.

      If you are interested in buying a single speed bike, here are three great bikes you can choose from:

      APOLLO 26″

      This good-looking bike is from Frog’s Greek God series of bike’s and it lives up to its name. This one is 26” Hi-ten steel hardtail single-speed mountain bike with a sturdy frame and frictionless suspension fork. It is equipped with features such as 26” x 2.3” DSI tires with V-brake and disc-brake options, double wall alloy rims with ED spokes and much more. You simply can’t go wrong with this bike if you are hunting for single-speed bikes.

      HERMES 26″

      This bike gain comes from Frog’s Greek God series. Yes, the name suggests it has great visual appeal, and it does, with its high-quality beautiful looking vibrantly colored TRANSART water-slide decals. But it is also equipped with some amazing features such as 26” x 2.3” DSI tires and you can choose from V-brake and Disc-brake options. Couple this with its sturdy frame design with frictionless suspension fork and you have a feature-rich bike that is an ideal fit for your needs.

      ZEUS 26″

      This bicycle also belongs to the Frog’s Greek God series and you must be wondering why we are picking bicycles from this particular series. The reason is simple. These bikes are really very good and a superb mix of functionality and visual appeal. High quality TRANSART water-slide deals with vibrant colors up the style quotient and features such as 26” x 2.3” DSI tires, V-brake and disc-brake options and more, deliver reliability, stability, safety and comfort. You won’t have a bad ride with this bicycle.

      Bikes with Gears – For a Comfortable Riding Experience

      These are bikes with multiple gear ratios, which means you can change gear ratios based on the terrain you are riding on. So, if you are riding your bike on a dirt road, you can choose a specific gear and change it when you are riding the bike on smoother road. It is all about finding the right gear. 

      The howl idea behind using gears is that you should be able to experience a smooth ride, which means your pedalling rate should be steady all the time. You neither should push too hard not gently through the pedals, your push must be just right. This ensures you can comfortably ride over long distance by choosing the right gears. 

      Ideally, you should use low gears while climbing, middle gears on flat terrain, and high gear when you wish to accelerate. If you are using a gear bicycle for the first time, it will be a good idea to practice the various gears first on quiet roads, so that you get a hang of them.

      If you are interested in buy bicycles with gears, here are three great bikes you can choose from:

      VORTEX Z501 26″

      Your search for a well-crafted and superbly engineered bike ends with Vortex. With its hi-gen steel frame, 26” x 2.3” tires on 18” frame, ZOOM 393 fork suspension, SHIMANO EF500 21-speed shifting, SHIMANO TZ500 freewheel and many more features, this bicycle is a mountain biker’s dream. It is stable, durable and deliver a very safe biking experience. 

      VIPER X-101 27.5″

      This bicycle packs a punch with its features and looks. Features include, but are not limited to, 27.5 x 2.2-inch tires with 18.5-inch steel frame, ZOOM 389 suspension fork with alloy crown, SHIMANO EZ fire 21-speed shifting, and SHIMANO Tourney TY-500 front and rear derailleur. It is a great pick for regular mountain bikers and those who want to test their biker skillsets on challenging trails. 

      RAPTOR 26″

      This one is one of the best outdoor bikes available out there and is crafted for durability, stability and safety. Sporting 26 x 2.2-inch DSI tires fitted on 17.5-inch steel frame, a ZOOM 325E suspension fork, SHIMANO freewheel, SHIMANO EZ fire 21-speed shifting, SHIMANO Tourney TY-500 front and rear derailleur and more, it is packed with rich features that make it a great pick for professional mountain bikers.


      While picking the right bicycle is a matter of personal choice understanding the importance the differences between the various available options will ensure a smoother and more meaningful bike riding experience. You won’t make a wrong choice if you pick a bike from a manufacturer such as Frog bikes and cycles that have a wealth of bicycle manufacturing experience behind them. So, do your research, know your requirements and pick the right bike. 

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