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      Picking the Perfect Mountain Cycles – Key Considerations to Keep in Mind

      Posted at 12:50 pm , on December 19, 2018

      Picking the Perfect Mountain Cycles – Key Considerations to Keep in Mind

      If you are on the hunt for the best mountain cycles, you either see mountain biking as a sport, a hobby or a once-in-a-while activity shared with friends or family. Irrespective of how you see mountain biking, there is no doubt it’s kicking up a storm. It is a workout of epic proportions and, therefore, you must use only the best mountain bikes for your “trip” up the mountains. Choose the wrong bike and you will harm your body and there is a danger of losing control when you need it most.

      So how do you go about choosing the ideal mountain bikes for men, women or kids?  Keeping the following considerations in mind will help:

      Use Decides the Type of Bike You Pick

      If you want to ride a mountain bike for fun and are focused on efficiency, choosing a trail bike is a good idea. On the other hand, if you have a competitive streak in you and see mountain biking as a sport, wherein you need to do well, cross-country bikes are the way to go.  If you want to pick mountain bikes for kids, a fat mountain bike will be a good idea as fatter tires give kids and beginners the confidence they need to tackle hilly gradients with ease.  And, if you want to push your limits on the mountain and want to navigate those steep ascents smoothly and with better control, get your hands on all-mountain bikes.

      Features are the key

      The key features that differentiate various types of mountain bikes are suspension, wheel diameter, gears and the braking system.

      When it comes to suspension, you can either opt for rigid, hardtail or full suspension.  When you are cycling on the mountain, you will not get smooth roads and you therefore need a good suspension to absorb all the bumps you will face. Rigid bikes have no suspension and typically, it is fat bikes that have rigid suspension as their build makes suspension redundant.

      Bikes with hardtail suspension have a suspension fork in the front and not the back, meaning impacts to the front wheel are absorbed easily. Experienced bikers typically tend to go with this suspension, especially in the case of cross country bikes. Full suspension as the name suggests, absorbs shock both at the front fork and rear, and is typically a must if you are choosing mountain bikes for women, kids or amateur riders.

      As far as wheel size is concerned, you can either pick 26, 27.5 or 29-inch wheel size. Both 27.5-inch and 29-inch wheel sizes are configured for better rolling in mountain terrains and the latter especially is perfect for longer rides where you will need to maintain momentum and want to accelerate faster.  If you are buying a mountain bike for kids, it’s advisable to pick the 20 or 24-inch wheel size variety depending on the age of the child.

      Another important feature that must be considered is the number of gears. The really high-end mountain bikes have 30 or more gears and it’s your call whether you really want a complex array of gears of want to keep it simple.

      If you are going mountain biking for fun and your target terrain has gentle easy to manoeuvre slopes, don’t go in for a lot of gears.  However, if you plan on making mountain biking a regular fitness activity and aim to ride tough terrains, then it is advisable to go for the best mountain bikes.

      And finally, you need to pick from a bike that offers disc braking and another that offers rim braking. The former is a better bet as it is configured for consistency, takes less toll on fingers and performs well in all conditions. The latter is available on entry-level bikes and easier to maintain.

      Ask Experts

      You can buy online mountain cycles and bikes in India, but when you do, take time out to go through the information on every bike and ask the seller’s executive to clarify all doubts you might have about the kind of mountain bike you should buy. In-depth research is the key to choosing the best mountain cycles. Spend some time browsing through all available options, ask experienced bikers for help and do not make random decisions based on hearsay.

      Informed decision making is the key to riding the best Frog Cycles and Bikes that perfectly suits your needs.

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