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      Hybrid Vs Mountain Bikes – Choose the Right Bike for Your Needs

      Posted at 12:47 pm , on March 22, 2019

      Hybrid Vs Mountain Bikes – Choose the Right Bike for Your Needs

      People who aren’t very aware of the world of biking and have very little idea of the kind of bikes available are surprised when they find out about the number of options they can choose from. If they want to buy online mountain bikes or buy online hybrid bikes, the wealth of options on offer leaves them confused.

      Before you buy a bike, it is imperative that you understand the major differences between the various kinds of bikes on offer. This way you can buy a bike that perfectly fits your needs and you can enjoy a fantastic biking experience.

      This article takes a look at the differences between hybrid and mountain bikes and then lists out the three best bikes in these categories to make your choice simpler.

      So, let’s get started

      Hybrid Bikes – The Best of Both Worlds

      The word hybrid says it all doesn’t it; these are a coming together of the features of a road bike, as well as, a mountain bike. It sports raised handlebars and a very relaxed frame build, which means you have to sit up straight, and you get a heads-up view, which is important if you are riding the bike in traffic. These city-centric features are mixed seamlessly with a comfortable saddle and wider tires that are the hallmarks of mountain bikes.

      However, the tire width is not as big as that of pure mountain bikes as hybrid bikes are used on city roads and for off-road usages such as on gravel or dirt.

      These bikes are also fitted with a more responsive braking mechanism, typically disc brakes and these also have high gear ratios that ensure easy shifting and pedalling. As they cater to the needs of commuters, recreational riders and non-serious off-road riders, these bikes are designed to offer more comfort. If you are someone who wants a bike that satisfies a variety of riding requirements and is easy to control in different environments, a hybrid bike should be the perfect pick.

      Top 3 Hybrid Bikes

      Now that you know what a hybrid bike is all about, here are three great hybrid bikes you can choose from:

      • Plasma 700 CC

      Sporting an alloy frame with 700C x 35C tires and a build quality that helps you tackle challenging trails with ease, this one is a great hybrid bike from Frog. Equipped with SHIMANO EZ fire SL-EF500 21-speed shifting, SHIMANO Tourney TY500 FD and RD, ZOOM adjustable alloy stem, NECO headset and BB set, alloy front and rear double wall rims, and a wealth of other cutting-edge features, this is a great pick if you want to buy a full-featured hybrid bike.

      • Beretta 700 CC

      This comes from Frog’s Rifle series of hybrid bikes and is a fantastic pick for your regular office commutes or occasional off-road biking. With its 700C x 35C tires, two alloy frame options (17.5 and 18.5 inches), SHIMANO EF5002 21-speed shifting, SHIMANO MF-TZ21 freewheel, SHIMANO ALTUS FD and SHIMANO ACERA RD, and more, this bike offers a rich feature set. It’s a bike that delivers complete bang for your buck.

      • M4 CARBINE 700C

      This bike again comes from Frog’s Rife series of high-performance 21 speed hybrid bikes that can be used for a range of purposes. It offers you a choice of 17.5-inch and 18.5-inch alloy frame options and you can pick your frame depending on your height and riding comfort. It also comes with a SHIMANO ALTUS FD and SHIMANO ACERA RD, ZOOM adjustable alloy stem, alloy pedals, NECO BB set, a sturdy rigid fork, ZOOM front and rear alloy disc brakes and much more. It is configured for offering undiluted riding pleasure.

      Mountain Bikes – For the Serious Mountain Biking Lovers

      Again, the name gives it away doesn’t it? These bikes are designed to offer an extremely satisfying, comfortable and safe mountain biking experience. Avid mountain bikers ride on rugged terrain and specialist mountain bikers love taking their bike over rocks, logs and many other tough obstacles. In order to help bikers tackle such tough terrain better, these bikes sport sharper frames that give bikers a commanding view of the terrain, to help them tackle it better.

      Compared to hybrid bikes, mountain bikes have lower gear ratios, thus enabling bikers pedal on the tough and at times, steep terrain. Mountain bikes suffer trail abuse, which necessitates a sturdier build and innovative safety features, that includes a suspension shock placed above the front tire, or both the front and rear tires. This helps the sturdy frame (another safety feature), to steer through the various bumps and other challenges faced by riders on the mountain trails. Other features include larger, heavily knobbed tires and strong brakes (typically hydraulic disc brakes) that can withstand the challenging pressures of mountain bikes.

      Top 3 MTB Bikes

      Now that you know what a mountain bike is all about, here are three great mountain bikes you can choose from:

      • VIPER X-101 27.5″

      This Frog mountain bike is crafted to stand the test of time. It’s built for durability, high performance and is an epitome of craftsmanship and engineering. It is equipped with 27.5 x 2.2-inch tires with 18.5-inch steel frame, ZOOM suspension forks with alloy crown, front and rear mechanical disc brakes, SHIMANO freewheel, SHIMANO EZ fire 21-speed shifting, and many more features that deliver a comfortable and safe mountain biking experience. If you are looking for the perfect mountain bike, this is it.

      • JAGUAR 29”

      This mountain bike is from the all new Speed series from Frog cycle and like all other cycles from this manufacturer, this one is advanced, refined, delivers high-performance and is extremely reliable. Some of its amazing features include 29 x 2.25-inch tires with 19-inch alloy frame, NECO headset & BB set, ZOOM fork with lock-in & lock-out, ZOOM front and rear alloy disc brakes, alloy double wall rims with front Q/R and more. This bike is a great pick for professional mountain bikers who want to challenge themselves and are looking for a stable yet mean machine that becomes an ideal adventure partner.

      • SPARTAN X 24″

      This is a good-looking mountain biking that belongs to the Xtreme series of Frog bikes characterized by their 3.0” fat tires, that make trail riding a breeze. It is equipped with 24 x 13.5-inch Hi-ten steel frame that makes it a strong, reliable and all-season bike. Other features include ECA suspension fork, NECO headset & pedals, SHIMANO freewheel, SHIMANO F/R EF500 21-speed shifting and more. Its build quality and features ensure it resembles its namesake – the mighty Spartans.

      The Wrap

      If you are looking for a bike that perfectly meets your needs and requirements, you first need to understand what a particular type of bike is all about and then go about buying bikes from the best manufacturer, such as Frog bikes and cycles. That is half the job done.

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