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      5 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Your First Ever Bicycle

      Posted at 8:40 am , on November 23, 2019

      5 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Your First Ever Bicycle

      Bicycle riding can be a great fitness activity, or it could be something that you do on weekends with friends and is an amazing activity to while away some time and have some fun. It can also be a way of managing your transportation needs.  

      However, riding a bicycle is not possible without a bicycle. 

      You first need to pick your machine of choice from the numerous bikes and cycles brands in India, which is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. Also, choosing the right bicycle assumes paramount importance, if it is going to be your first bicycle. 

      If you have never bought a bicycle before, and want to choose the perfect bike that fits your needs and requirements, research is the key. Information about various brands and their cycles is available online. So, you can buy online frog cycles for men and women, by researching for options on their website. 

      But, this article aims to make things simpler for you. 

      Here are 5 things to keep in mind if you want to buy the best bikes for men or women:

      Purpose Determines the Type of Bike

      How do you plan on using the bike? Do you want to use the bike for a bit of mountain riding on weekends? Or you want to use it for commuting to work? Or you want to achieve a mix of both, that is bicycle riding for fun and use your bicycle to run errands? 

      This is an important parameter because the world of bicycles has evolved. These days, bicycles have purpose-built features, wherein their build and body cater to the demands of a specific purpose. So you can choose from mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, road bikes commuting bikes and more. 

      What’s more, there are gender and age-specific bikes available as well. So, you really need to know how you are going to use your bike.

      Your Spend – Budget is Important

      What is the amount of money you wish to spend on your bike? This is again a critical parameter, especially if you are buying a bicycle for the first time. There is always a tendency to think that an expensive bike will be the best bike. 

      Unfortunately, this is not the right way to go about choosing your bike. 

      The cost of a bike is determined by its brand, build and feature set.  If you think you really don’t need a lot of complex features on your bike, avoid the high-end bikes and go for the mid-range bikes. On the other hand, if you think you are not really sure if biking is the right activity for you or unsure of whether you will use your bike regularly or not, you could think about choosing a low-end bike first and move on to more expensive bikes later.

      The Right Size

      Bicycles are available in a range of sizes and it is the size of the frame that primarily determines the size of the bike. Considering it is your first bicycle, you might be low on confidence, the first few times you ride your bike. In such cases, if the frame is too large for you, your confidence might plummet further as you won’t be able to handle your bike comfortably. On the other hand, if the frame size is perfect, you will be able to handle your bike with confidence.

      One of the better ways of choosing the right frame size is using your height as a benchmark. While this isn’t a perfect method, it will give you a little more clarity on whether the frame size is too short or tall for you. 

      It is imperative that you take a good hard look at the sizing charts of manufacturers before you zero in on the right frame size.  Also remember, different types of bikes have different frame sizes with respect to height. This means the frame size for a mountain bike and a commuter bike might differ for the same height.

      The Right Brakes

      When you think of riding safety, what is the first feature you think of? Yes, you think of brakes. And, you are absolutely right; brakes give you the confidence that your bike is safe and anytime you feel you are going too fast or are losing control, you can apply brakes and the bike will stop. 

      You will typically find three different types of brakes on bikes: coaster brakes, rim brakes and disc brakes.  

      Coaster brakes activate when you push your pedal backwards. As can be imagined, these are super simple brakes, however these brakes are applied on the back wheel only. 

      Considering the way these brakes function, there is a chance that the bike will lose its stability, when these brakes are applied. While these brakes can be simple to manage, they have their fair share of problems as well. 

      You will find these brakes on the low-end bikes. You also need to be aware of the legalities of buying a bike with just coaster brakes.  For e.g. in England, Scotland and Wales, bikes must have two independent brakes.

      Rim brakes are available in two options – a cantilever brake and V-brakes. The former have been popularly used for ages and involves the use of a wire between the brake trigger on your handlebars and caliper and pads on your bike’s rims. When you apply the handle brake, the wire tightens, which results in the pads and caliper closing on the rim, thus stopping your bicycle. V-brakes on the other hand are commonly used on mountain bikes and resemble a cantilever brake. The one difference, however is that the brake cable isn’t anchored above the wheel, which means it doesn’t interfere with the function of suspension fork, which is essential to delivering a smooth biking experience on tough mountain terrain.

      And finally, you have brakes that typically use a hydraulic functionality to stop the wheel of the bike. These brakes are now popularly used on most mid-range and high-end bikes considering the fact that they are extremely durable (operation in close environment means they are not exposed to dirt, water, or cold), powerful and ensure stability.

      The key here is to pick a braking system that you are comfortable with. 

      Take a Test Ride – Always

      Don’t buy a particular bike because you read about certain features the bike is equipped with; the right thing to do is try out the bike so that you can use these features. Taking a demo ride will give you a feel of the bike and whether it is perfect for your size and purpose. You also get an idea of its stability, smoothness and safety. 

      When you take a test ride, you will immediately come to know whether the bicycle is in line with your requirement. There will be no doubt in your mind. 


      Give your bike selection process some time. Don’t buy the first bike you read about it or try. Also, make sure that you choose bikes from brands such as Frog bikes and cycles that have many years of bike building expertise and experience behind them. This way, you won’t go wrong.

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