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      5 Reasons Why You Must Choose Mountain Bikes over Normal Bikes

      Posted at 8:39 am , on November 23, 2019


      If you are thinking of buying a mountain bike you will come across many options on the market. Yes, you can buy online bikes & cycles for women or men but that’s not the only choice you need to make. You also have to choose between fat bicycles and normal bikes. 

      The primary difference between the two is that the former sports oversized tires, typically that are between 3.0” and 3.8” large. If you are a mountain biking enthusiast, an amateur biker or even a mountain biking professional, it is imperative that you are able to choose the right bike for your requirements and a fat bike should definitely be preferred over a normal bike.

      This is not to say that you should not buy online normal bikes, and that they are not good; it is just that fat bikes are better suited for tough terrains. 

      So, let’s take a look at five reasons that make fat bikes a better option as compared to normal bikes:

      Flotation is Out of the Park

      A fat bike means, a bigger tire footprint, which results in excellent flotation. This means the load is distributed over a wider patch of ground; this ensures your bike can ride over the toughest terrain, even on loose sand or snow. If you aren’t in the mood for mountain riding, you can take your fat bike for a ride on the beach; the flotation ensures you can ride effortlessly irrespective of all the sand. This is not possible in a normal bike as the bike’s load is spread across a much narrower patch of ground, which makes it difficult to ride the bike on sandy beaches or those mountain roads with loose dirt or gravel.

      Great Traction

      A huge advantage of fat bikes is the kind of traction they bring to the table, as compared to normal bikes. When you are on a mountain, you, more often than not, are going to climb upwards and you, therefore, need climbing traction. The ‘fat tires’ of these bikes are essentially low-pressure tires, which helps the tires mold to the ground and hold on to the terrain much better than normal bikes. Once you get the hang of it, you can always adjust the psi levels in your tires dependent on the terrain challenges you know you will face. Fat bikes also have superior cornering traction which means even if you need to make a hard turn on a dirt road or sand, you don’t lose traction, especially suddenly. As can be imagined, this means a fat bike is more stable than the other options on the market.

      Wonderful Flexibility

      Flexibility is yet another hallmark of fat bikes; their frame gives you the flexibility to fit not only fat tires but also plus-sized tires. It really depends on what your comfort factor is with respect to the tires you want to run. So, if you think you want to run 29er or even 27+ or 29+ tires you can run those too. You can swap your wheel to suit the kind of riding experience you want and voila! You have a new bike on your hands. Swapping wheels really depends on the terrain; you might be using fat tires because you are regularly riding your bike on tough mountain terrains, but if you think that a particular type of terrain will need a 27” tire, you can swap the tire to fit the needs of that terrain. In such cases, experience enters the picture; the more you ride your fat bike, the more in tune you will be with its features and how you can leverage their potential.

      Smooth Ride on Rough Terrain

      The emphasis of fat bikes is on ensuring that you can ride on the toughest terrain without a lot of effort. Yes, bicycling expertise is needed for terrain navigation, but you don’t feel the impact of all those stones, roots, and puddles courtesy the high volume and low pressure of fat bikes. There is a chance that you want to buy online bikes & cycles for women and men, but you are suffering from chronic back pain. In such cases, fat bikes are an answer because they are more comfortable. But, it is important to monitor your tire pressure as it is the pressure in your tires that determines perfect rolling resistance; this dictates your comfort factor.  

      Amazing Visual Appeal

      Another reason (and this might be a really decisive reason for some) is that fat bikes look good, and not just ‘ordinary good’ but ‘awesomely good’. Leave aside all those features that make fat bikes such a great pick; its looks alone, as compared to normal bikes, make this bike stand out. When you are out for a ride on your fat bike, there is very little doubt that the bike (and you) will not earn a second glance. 

      Don’t for a moment think that if you buy online normal bikes that you will be making a bad choice, but fat bikes are special. They bring tons of benefits to the table, and if you are thinking about regularly riding on terrains that will challenge your biking ability, then fat bikes are the way to go.

      There are plenty of fat bikes you can choose from, but in order to make your decision making less time consuming, here are two great fat bikes you can choose from:

      SPARTAN X 24″ 3.0

      This is a great outdoor bike and is a part of the Xtreme Series of FROG bikes and cycles. With 3.0-inch fat Wanda tires, this is an all-terrain bike that can take on all obstacles with relative ease. It has a 24 x 13.5-inch hi-ten steel all-season frame that meets the highest standards of strength and reliability. It also comes equipped with an ECA suspension fork, Neco headset and pedals, Shimano freewheel, Shimano F/R EF500 21-speed shifting, Shimano TZ31-3S front derailleur & TY300-7S rear derailleur, and much more

      VANTAGE X 27.5″ 3.0

      If you are tired of bikes that look boring, this bike from FROG’s Xtreme Series of bikes gives all the right vibes. It sports 3.0-inch Wanda tires that offer amazing traction irrespective of the terrain, and have great roll-over capability. You don’t have to worry about the obstacles coming your way, if you are riding this bike. It is well-equipped with features such as a 27.5 x 18-inch hi-ten steel frame for better reliability, Shimano freewheel, Shimano F/R EF500 21-speed shifting, alloy double wall rims with front and rear mechanical disc brakes, Kenli BB Set and a whole lot more. It is a bike that has everything you need.


      Your search for fat bikes will take you to plenty of brands such as Frog cycles & bikes and more. The key here is to choose a fat bike that is completely in sync with your requirements and which you can ride with ease and comfort. 

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